100% MADE IN AMERICA. Please use a TAPE MEASURE to find your correct size

Why GHUnders

Technical base layer performance apparel for those that live, work and play in the Great Northwest. GHUnders™ meet a performance criterion that exceeds other apparel on the market. Designed locally by a team with decades of outdoor experience in the logging, fishing, hunting and construction industry, Grays Harbor Unders is manufactured in Hoquiam, Washington. With 135 days of measurable rainfall each year and an average humidity of over 80% the need for performance base layer apparel to keep the skin dry is vital. The special features of GHUnders™ help keep the skin dry even while working in areas with up to 200 inches of rain per year.

The special 4-way stretch fabric provides a comfortable form fit. The dual layer fabric transfers moisture from the inside to the outside layer. This leaves an inner dry layer against your skin, keeping you dry no matter how many outer layers you have on. The fabric is verified to work in a wide range of temperatures, helping keep you cool in the heat and warm in the toughest outdoor climates. For hard labor or tough play; from riding 4 wheelers in the mud, logging in the woods or sitting at a desk, GHUnders will be the best base layer performance apparel you will ever have.






GHUnders™ apparel may be hand or machine washed.

DO NOT USE BLEACH, FABRIC SOFTENERS OR DRYER SHEETS! Dry on low or medium heat. While traveling or at home you can hand wash GHUnders™ in the sink by using a mild liquid soap such as baby shampoo. Rinse garment with clean water and wring out excess water. Hang to dry.

To speed drying time: Lay garment flat on a towel and roll the towel. Wring the towel and moisture gets absorbed into the towel. Remove garment from towel and hang to finish drying. Be sure to watch the  video on how to wash your GHUnders™ in less than 3 minutes.