Men's Daily Dunders

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You have always trusted GHUnders to protect your skin when you went to your extreme events. GHUnders helped you set new personal records and even some world records. Trusted to deliver the very best protection in all weather and conditions, GHUnders now takes the lead in providing the maximum comfort for everyday wear. These new garments from GHUnders will give you the skin protection you have learned to expect from us. Made superior to wicking fabrics this dual layer fabric will keep you dry. Bask in the most refined, best designed and luxuriously comfortable unders on the planet. These are the ones you will want to wear every day. (For extreme activities use the regular GHUnders shorts as they provide a bit more cushion with slightly thicker fabric.) These are the ones you first pick from the laundry, these are the ones you take with you no matter where you go. The powerful Dutch Orange Dunders are always easy to find and a signature of unsurpassed comfort. Use a tape measure for proper fit. (Made in the USA)

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