About Us

GHUnders (Grays Harbor Unders) is a performance clothing line from Tri Monte Group, Inc. (TMG). TMG has been doing business as LDComfort since 1999, manufacturing high performance base layers specifically designed for Motorcycle Riders. With pattern alterations from their motorcycle line, TMG now produces products that are perfect for everyday work and wear.

Mario Winkelman, Inventor and President of TMG, began designing the best way to stay comfortable back in early 1972, while working in the rain forests of the Olympic Mountains. His experiments with fabrics - including wool, cotton and nylon - revealed that certain evaporative cooling techniques maintain comfort in warmer temperatures. Some co-workers would question his use of "long johns" under work wear during the summer.

Mario began riding motorcycles from an early age in the 60’s. Years later when he crossed the USA in 3 days, he realized there was nothing on the market to combat the pain from extensive riding on a motorcycle. He knew one of the problems was sitting on seams and damaging tender skin. He also knew from working in the woods, that what is next to your skin can make all the difference in comfort.

In 1999 Mario developed the first motorcycle riding shorts specically designed for long distance riding with a seamless seating area. Beginning with Cotton, he also found materials like CoolMax® and other single layer, poly-blend fabrics that claim to “wick moisture” did not keep skin dry under layers of clothing. Then he found a fabric that was 4 way stretch, Polyester/Nylon/Lycra blend fabric that was woven different than any other fabric on the market. This special fabric has two different sides, but is one piece of fabric. This dual layer fabric transports moisture from the inner layer to the outer layer keeping the skin dry even while wringing wet! That was it; Mario had found the perfect fabric for base layers. A patent pending status for the design of the riding shorts was received in 2005

Seven years were devoted to perfecting patterns, taking feedback and making motorcyclist around the world comfortable during their travels. What about everyone else? People who work hard in the wet Northwest weather? Those who play as hard as they work? In the rain, in the snow, in the cold, in the heat: What about these people? They deserve to be comfortable too. A proper base layer is essential for comfort.

So, pattern adjustments were made for more comfortable wear while moving about. The same fabric, the same basic design, but for a whole new purpose: every day wear.

GHUnders isn’t just a base layer. GHUnders is years of thought and perfection; Base layers that are tough and lasts you years beyond any other; A base layer that works as hard as you do.

Step into a supreme level of comfort with your GHUnders and be comfortable no matter how extreme you work or play!